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Future Blueprint

Post by Cabezon on Thu Aug 04, 2016 9:18 pm

If it was anywhere else other than here... in Europe it would already exist. We have two piers where between them lies what would be an ideal setting for naturist sunbathing. I have mulled over this for a while and, well, of course it won't happen in my lifetime but you would like to imagine that in future years as prudishness abates and if naturism still thrived, there might come a time when our pastime would be integrated more and accepted as the norm.

The main problem is we have a cash-motivated council who, since I have lived in the town, sold out to profit by removing the much-loved and used indoor pool at the BIC, more recently have allowed the town square to be further congested by a cinema that we do not really need (at least not where it is), completely bypassing what the town really needs which is a proper bus terminal. And let's not even start on the Imax fiasco.

So I took time out on a seafront walk just to take some photos of the plot for my futuristic naturist nirvana. There are two stretches that even in the height of summer (which is almost a thing of the past in any event), are far less populated because most beach users congregate around the piers where the cafes and facilities are.

The first beach I noticed has a large hotel overlooking it from the clifftop so that was out, moving down to the next section I decided was absolutely ideal and here are some photos to set the scene.

So the first three images show the start and end point and the wonderful sand in between. The final photo was meant to look up higher than it does but along this stretch that is all that there is, the greenery and cliff with no zig-zag path either.

What we then need to imagine are the minuses and objections. The road runs pier to pier also and in summer season is filled with parked cars. Also thousands of people will walk on this promenade and we mustn't forget the Wheels festival which in June takes up almost all of the beach pier to pier.

You can see though how lengthy the sand is and the tide does not come in that far either. I would imagine that if it was a naturist beach, most users would use common sense and congregate near to the water; in fact there would be no reason not to have designated signs that meant it would not be possible to sunbathe in the nude anywhere near the road.

I wanted to create a future blueprint by finding an aerial view of a naturist beach and using a portable network graphic to transpose the image onto the image of the beach above - would have worked fine had there been one and my photo had itself been taken from an aeroplane.

It is just a pipedream but ought really to be put in as a proposal to the fully-clothed councillors even in jest. Local naturists have to trek to a.n.other beach of course and if Brighton can have one, why can't we? Brighton's nudist beach of course is a shambles, all shingle and stuck at one end of the beach like an apology.

Wrong country, wrong era but nothing wrong as we know with this chosen lifestyle. I hope that when I am dead and gone things will be much better than they are now and I can dream of someone walking a short distance to savour the sun than take over an hour's trip in getting to the one that most of us consider heaven.

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