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Not currying favour...

Post by Kid B on Thu Jun 09, 2016 4:54 pm

Restaurant that served a deadly curry to a nut allergy sufferer at its sister branch issues a tasteless email apology to customers - alongside a promotional advert for its 'Sunny Saturday' specials

I remember this story, it was in the news a few weeks back and I think the restaurant owner got a 6 year jail sentence for manslaughter, I thought it was in the Midlands, anyway, here's the story...

The son of a restaurant boss who was jailed for six years for the manslaughter of a customer who had an allergic reaction to a curry has described the decision as 'somewhat disappointing' - alongside a promotional advert for its new dessert menu.  Paul Wilson, 38, suffered a severe anaphylactic shock in January 2014 after eating a takeaway containing peanuts from the Indian Garden in Easingwold, North Yorkshire.

Mohammed Zaman, 52, was found guilty at Teesside Crown Court last month and jailed for six years.
Just a fortnight later his son Emraz, a trainee solicitor, announced that 'Sunny Saturday Lassi' specials were now available at one of the family's sister branches.

He went on to issue an apology to their 'loyal customers' for the 'heavy press surrounding the Easingwold branch and the somewhat disappointing decision for our founding father Mr Zaman'.
It added: 'We are now in the process of launching a new dessert menu and have hired an exclusive pasty chef from London to design this.

'Our philosophy, started by our founder, Mohammed Zaman, was and still is to create real quality Indian cuisine of the highest standard.'

He said the family's restaurants had worked with food safety experts and authorities since the tragedy to overhaul their procedures and now clearly labelled allergens on their menus.  But customers described the email as inappropriate as it did not include any apology to the family of Mr Wilson. Emma Foster said it was 'not so much an apology as an immediate tout for business.'

She said: 'I am sure it was "disappointing" for Mr and Mrs Wilson to hear of their son's agonising last moments as he desperately fought for breath on his bathroom floor.

'In the second paragraph of his email he then starts the advertising push that this apology is really all about.'
She added: 'Nobody cares about the desserts in an Indian restaurant anyway.'
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